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We created Enclave and the world quickly took notice. Sure it’s stylish, spacious and well appointed. But what really earns it top marks is that it’s premi um without being pretentious, and smart without being stuffy. Three rows of first-class seating in a QuietTuned interior, an ingenious navigation and entertainment system, an active approach to safety and intelligent all-wheel drive1 are just a few of the qualities that make it the new class of world class. We infused LaCrosse with something completely new. the smartest thinking executed in the freshest ways equals an enlightened driving experience. Redefining the term modern luxury sedan wherever you look, touch and engage. On the outside, its lines are smooth and flowing. leading from one sculpted curve to the next—Almost begging you to touch it. You’ll find the same uninterrupted, flowing lines inside. LaCrosse also offers advanced performance, entertainment and navigation technology. Opening doors to new experiences lies at the very soul of the New Class of World Class. Exhaustive hours in a wind tunnel taught us many things. like how to minimize onrushing air and create little wind resistance—regal has the refined aerodynamics you’d expect of a performance car. It’s the five-passenger sport sedan with the look of a coupe. regal’s flowing lines also have a practical performance side. the cornered position of its wheels, a wide track and long wheelbase give regal a planted road stance. the carved blade-like side sculpting lends a sense of precision, purpose and motion. every line, every detail and every curve come together seamlessly to attract a lot of attention.
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